Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Million Dollar Money Drop" First Season Recap

This week’s episode of Million Dollar Money Drop marked the ending of the first season of the new FOX game show. Based on the U.K. hit The Million Pound DropMillion Dollar Money Drop provides some of the same tension, suspense, and difficulty to the contestants on this show as on the U.K. version (with the exception of the increased time lime limits on the last four questions in each game). Although this show pulled below-par ratings throughout the season, there were still some key highlights from this season of Million Dollar Money Drop that made the show worth watching. 

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, on the series premiere episode of Million Dollar Money Drop, contestants Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayti were faced with the question “Which of these was sold first in stores: Macintosh Computer, Sony Walkman, or Post-It Notes. The couple placed a majority of their money on Post-It Notes and the rest on Sony Walkman. The correct answer was originally Sony Walkman and the couple lost $800,000 by placing their money on Post-It Notes. We would soon discover later that week that the correct answer was actually Post-it Notes with the Post-It Notes first sold in 1977, the Macintosh Computer first sold in 1984, and the Sony Walkman first sold in 1979.  

Because of FOX’s mistake, the couple decided to take this to media, pleading their case on how they were cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars on Million Dollar Money Drop (and earning their 15 minutes of fame in the process). The couple was even interviewed on Wolf Blitzer's The Situation Room on CNN pertaining to the “Post-It Notes controversy" (click here for the interview). Ultimately, the couple walked away from the show with nothing. However because FOX made an error on a question on that show, I think the couple should be given a second chance to play Million Dollar Money Drop. I can understand if 15-30 questions were asked throughout the show (as on some episodes of Tic-Tac-Dough or Bullseye); It’s easily to slip up on a question every once in a while. But, the fact that there were only seven questions asked on that episode of Million Dollar Money Drop, that is completely inexcusable by the research staff to mess up on even one question on the show. 

During the first season of Million Dollar Money Drop, the show managed to achieve four big money winners, including this couple winning almost a quarter of a million dollars.

But in every game, there are winners and there are losers. Three times this season we have seen couples lose the full $1,000,000 by placing it all on an incorrect answer(s) on one question. This video clip shows the first couple who lost the full million on the very first question in their game. This would also be the only time where we would see the money actually falling, as opposed to the U.K. version in which we would see the money dropping down the chute and collected by the security guards. On a quick side note, I thought that this was an easy question.

This season, we have seen some interesting contestants go against "the Drop", from trivia buffs to couples saving money to buy their dream home. Most of the contestants who played the game this season played very well, but ultimately met their downfall upon answering their seventh and final question incorrectly.  By the look of these ratings, it seems like Million Dollar Money Drop might live to see another season on FOX. I hope to see a second season of this show with the addition of the live online play-along game for the home viewers, as they did on the season finale. 

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One final question: Having seen both Million Dollar Money Drop and The Million Pound Drop, which version do you think is better?

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