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CHECK IT OUT!: Shows To Watch For This Week

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This week's article is dedicated to a few shows to tune into this week. From Baseball IQ to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, these are shows that you don't want to miss! Check them out!

Fear Factor
NBC’s hit game show Fear Factor returns for a brand new episode this Tuesday. In this week’s episode, four teams of twins compete in extreme stunts which include racing on top of a speeding train, eating and drinking disgusting items and concoctions, and navigating through an electrified maze that is hovering over water. Which team will conquer their fears and take home the $50,000 grand prize? Find out on this week’s edition of Fear Factor on Monday, January 30 at 9:00pm EST on NBC! Check out the previous episode below!

Who’s Still Standing?
This week on Who’s Still Standing, a therapist for Spokane, WA takes on 10 opponents in a series of competitive trivia rounds. So far this season, none of the “heroes/heroines” have been brave enough to take on more than 7 opponents in their games. Could this therapist become the show’s first million-dollar winner? Find out on the season finale of Who’s Still Standing? on Monday, January 30 at 8:00pm EST on NBC! Check out an end game Mach 7 Rapid Fire Ultimate Speed Round in action between three remaining contestants in the video below!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
This week on Millionaire, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, stars of the hit Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch, team up and play the game for the $1 million grand prize for their charity. The Hillstrand Brothers are playing for the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial to promote safety in the fishing fleets and easing the burdens of the families and friends of the fishermen and women lost at sea. Check out this team’s climb to the million this week on Millionaire on February 2nd and 3rd! Check your local listings. You can also check out a preview of the upcoming Deadliest Catch special episodes in the clip below!

Baseball IQ
This week on Baseball IQ, six games from the first round of the month-long tournament will be featured. For those you who aren’t familiar with MLB Network’s new game show, Baseball IQ is a recall-based half-hour game show that tests the contestants’ knowledge on everything baseball. The winning contestant from each episode will receive $5,000 for their charity, and the winner of the championship episode will receive $25,000 for their charity. Listed below is the schedule of games due to air this week on MLB Network, as well as the final round of an episode of Baseball IQ

January 31 at 9:00pm: Steve Morse, Pittsburgh Pirates Premium Seating Account Manager vs. Rich Linville, Cincinnati Reds Scoreboard Operator

January 31 at 9:30pm: Aaron Heinrich, Colorado Rockies Director of Retail Operations vs. Fred Gerson, San Diego Padres Executive VP and CEO

February 1 at 9:00pm: Shane Demmitt, Anaheim Angels Assistant Equipment Manager vs. Chuck Morgan, Texas Rangers Senior VP

February 1 at 9:30pm: Brain Finch, St. Louis Cardinals Manager of Stadium Tours vs. Ryan Balogh, Chicago Cubs Account Executive of Corporate Partnerships

February 2 at 9:00pm: Cory Schwartz, VP of Statistics vs. Craig Muder, MLB Hall of Fame Director of Communications

February 2 at 9:30pm: Josh DeFamio, Arizona Diamondbacks Supervisor of dbTV Graphics vs. Benjamin Coburn, Houston Astros Ticket Sales Representative 

Winter Wipeout 
This week on Winter Wipeout, 24 contestants run through one of the most complex obstacle courses in the world. Some of the winter-themed obstacles the contestants will have to encounter include the Buzz Saw, the Snow Fall, and the Penguin Party. Who will walk away with $50,000 this week? Find out on this week’s episode of Winter Wipeout on February 2 at 8:00pm on ABC! Check out two sisters going toe-to-toe(-to-toe) against the first round Winter Wipeout obstacle course in the clip below!

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