Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!: "The Substitute" Returns For a Second Season

Courtesy MTV.
MTV’s The Substitute returns for a brand new season! Jon Gabrus is going back to school to give away thousands of dollars to high school students from all across the country on America's first ambush-style game show where the teacher rewards the students with, not grades or gold stars, but cold hard cash.  

A contestant strapped into one of the Round 3
contraptions. (Does this remind you of another
show?) Courtesy MTV.
The Substitue is back for a new season of questions, answers, prizes, and surprises. MTV renewed the show for 20 episodes to air during the series' second season. For those of you who have never seen the show or have forgotten about it, The Substitute is a game show where host Jon Gabrus poses as a substitute teacher, surprises high school students with the news that they are on a game show and engages them in a pop culture, subjective, and general knowledge quiz. Check out my review of the show for more information about the game's rules. Some of the new features of the second season include the students divided into class high school rivalries ("jocks vs. cheerleaders", "athletes vs. geeks", "public school girls vs. private school girls", etc.) and a brand new round will be introduced in round three called "What The #*?!:". In "What The #*?!:", the contestants will be strapped into a contraption, such as "The Ping Pong Terror Wheel" or "The Ice Factory", and will have to stay focused and answer as many questions correctly as possible. The $5,000 ultimate winner (or winners) of the show will be determined by the final round "What You Think", a round similar to Family Feud's "Fast Money" end game. Check out the season premiere of The Substitute on April 16 at 7:00pm EST on MTV! You can also click here to go on the show's site to check out full episodes from the first season and take the "Things You Should Know" and "Things You Should Know" quizzes! 

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