Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: GSN Airs Richard Dawson Tribute Marathon on June 7th

GSN will be airing a marathon of Match Game and Family Feud episodes featuring Richard Dawson at his finest on Thursday, June 7 starting at 7:00pm EST. Here is the schedule of shows that will be featured during the special tribute:

- 7:00pm: Family Feud- 1978 episode when Richard introduces his son, Gary Dawson, to the viewing audience because he has won an acting award
- 7:30pm: Match Game- A contestant wins big by matching Richard during the "Super Match" bonus round, which leads to McLean Stevenson kissing Richard
- 8:00pm: Family Feud- 1980 episode featuring the infamous "September" incident
- 8:30pm: Match Game- Gene Rayburn and Richard get into an fight on Loretta Swit's behalf
- 9:00pm: Family Feud- 1981 episode where Richard meets his future wife, Gretchen Johnson, for the first time
- 9:30pm: Family Feud- 1980 episode taped on Richard's birthday and he brings his two sons on the show
- 10:00pm: Family Feud- The premiere of the 1994 syndicated one-hour revival 

Four-hour marathon not enough for you? Don't worry; there are a few YouTube channels that are holding special Richard Dawson tributes of their own by uploading various game shows and game show moments featuring the late, great Richard Dawson. Click on the links below to check out some of their videos.....
Family Feud: 1983 (Uploaded by supersaver87)
Match Game 78 [Last MG '78 episode with the new set] (uploaded by thewhammy83)
Family Feud | Strong vs. Christ *FOR RICHARD DAWSON* (uploaded by gameshowtemple)
Richard Dawson Cracks Up!- Family Feud (uploaded by FamilyFeud)
Tattletales- Richard Dawson Hosts (1976) (uploaded by excuseyou77)
Family Feud 11/16/1979- Hatfield/McCoy special, Day 5 (uploaded by Hondo20132)

.....and check out my memorial article dedicated to the life and times of Richard Dawson.

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