Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Killer Karaoke" Premieres November 23 on TruTV

Courtesy TruTV.
Since Name That Tune, many game shows have been produced in an effort to emulate the success of the classic Tom Kennedy-hosted game show including Name That VideoFace The Music, The Singing Bee, and Don't Forget The Lyrics. On Friday, November 23 at 9:00pm, TruTV's Killer Karaoke will be added to the aforementioned list. Killer Karaoke, hosted by MTV Jackass co-star Steve-O, has contestants singing hit, popular songs while enduring physical and ridiculous challenges. The show is based on the hit international series Sing If You Can, produced by Zodiak Media. 

As with FOX's scandal-ridden game show Our Little Geniuses, Killer Karaoke has not aired a single episode yet without running into legal problems. The well-known TV stuntman along with the show's producers are being sued by contestant Susanne Ohman, who slipped on the wet floor after she walked off of a platform after finishing a round which involved her being sprayed with water  while attempting to sing and claimed she "fractured and damaged her tibia, patella, ligaments, knee, leg, bones, and injured her muscles, bone, circulatory system, and body". After hearing this news, you will pretty much know what to expect while watching this show, especially with Steve-O at the helm. I'm a little surprised that MTV didn't pick up Killer Karaoke considering that the new series' star is somewhat of a staple of MTV.  It will be very interesting to see what challenges the contestants will have to endure and the cash and/or prizes at stake on this Name That Tune/Distraction hybrid. Check out the preview clip below of TruTV's newest original series

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