Sunday, January 20, 2013

"News In A Flash!": Quick Game Show Updates (Part 20)

Today's article is dedicated to keeping you updated with the latest in game show news, ratings, and more, from's 2013 Readers' Choice Award to the return of a brand new lifeline on Millionaire. All ratings for syndicated game shows are from the week of January 6. Enjoy!

The Crystal Ball lifeline returns to Millionaire on Monday, January 21. This lifeline enables the contestant to view the value of any round one question.

Last Thursday, TouchFrame debut the first app show in history entitled Braindex. Braindex, hosted by Alex Blagg, is a "game show" where iPad viewers play for bragging rights against celebrities. 

Millionaire host Meredith Vieira has plans to host her own daytime, syndicated talk show with NBCUniversal no sooner than September 2014. 

Nine-time Grammy award-winner and famed gospel singer Kirk Franklin will join GSN's The American Bible Challenge as the show's musical co-host, leading the show's choir next season.

Philieas Productions has struck a deal with Sony Pictures for the new game show, Sit Tight. The series eliminates its contestants if other contestants correctly answer general knowledge questions. 

During the week of January 28, Wheel will be teaming up with Disney for a special "Wheel of Fortune Making Disney Memories Week". The special week will include at-home sweepstakes for home viewers.

Nominate for your favorite game shows, game show fan sites, game show hosts, and more in's 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Nomination ends February 11.

Family Feud reached a new season-high of a 5.1 rating, an 11% increase from the previous week. Feud is slowly encroaching upon the spot of second highest-rated syndicated game show. 

Speaking of second best, Jeopardy! increased its rating by 2%, up to a 6.0, while its sister show, Wheel of Fortune, is still "king of the hill" with a 6.9 rating, a 3% bump from the prior week. 

Millionaire was the only game show who lost viewers from last week, losing 4% of its viewers going down to a 2.4. Meanwhile, NBCUniversal's Baggage gained 9%, going up to a 1.2 rating. 

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