Monday, July 29, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: The CW Renews "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" For a Tenth Season

After two weeks of airing brand new episodes with an excellent cast and an upgraded set, The CW has decided to renew Whose Line Is It Anyway? for a tenth season. It's no surprise that the network decided to make the move to bring the show back next summer as Whose Line? has brought in The CW's highest ratings since Supernatural. To put this into perspective, the lowest viewership this show has received was 1.59 million -- on a Friday night 8:30 rerun, considering the network usually averages a little over one million viewers per show during primetime. Not only that, the series premiere nearly drew in 3 million viewers, a staggering figure for The CW's standards. If you haven't seen a new episode yet, go to and check out an episode today!

Meanwhile, take a gander at a compilation of classic Whose Line? clips of a game we haven't seen yet this season and everyone's favorite game: HOEDOWN!

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