Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FOX Orders "Step Up" Game Show Pilot From Endemol USA

It looks like Endemol is at it again as it has made motions sell a pilot for a second new game show for another major network within a week of NBC's sealing the deal of ordering Wall of Fame. FOX has ordered a pilot from the production company for a game show called Step Up. Step Up will be hosted by comedian Andy Richter, from Conan, and will offer contestants "life-changing" amounts of money if they are bold and brave enough to successfully climb a cash pyramid. During their ascent, contestant will be faced with bigger risks and tough decisions on whether to continue "stepping up" or play it safe and keep the cash they have won. Endemol North America chairman and CEO David Goldberg says the new series "is everything you hope for in a game show. It's a clean and straightforward premise, filled with high stakes and drama, played on a spectacular stage."

The last time Andy Richter was involved with a game show pilot was in 2010 and 2011, with the CBS and TBS revivals of Pyramid. I was fortunate to find a short clip of one of the Pyramid pilots hosted by Richter. Check out the Pyramid pilot preview on YouTube, as well as another little surprise at the end of the first pilot clip.

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