Monday, October 14, 2013

Cassidy Schlitz Kicks Off The Price Is Right's Second "Big Money Week" With $100,000 Win

During the show's first Big Money Week last season, it had taken three days before a lucky contestant won one of the five über-inflated, pricing game grand prizes at stake during the week. The lucky contestant was Ani Khojasarian, winning more than $124,000 in prizes for the day including her historic $100,000 win on "Pay The Rent". This season, Khojasarian met her match as Cassidy Schlitz, a children's party entertainer who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, christened the show's second Big Money Week by winning $100,000 in "Half-Off" on today's show. 

But, her day didn't end there. Schlitz continued her winning streak by winning a $1,000 bonus in the Showcase Showdown and her Showcase prize package, which featured $2,000 to enjoy massages for a year, a spa vacation trip to San Diego and a new BMW. Her grand total for the day was $140,236. Had she won an additional cash bonus on the Big Wheel or win both Showcases (considering she was only $124 away from becoming a Double Showcase Winner), Schlitz would have been the biggest Daytime winner in Price Is Right history and the biggest single-episode winner in the history of American network daytime game shows. I guess she will have to settle for second place in both categories, which is not a bad place to be given her incredible total. Congratulations to Cassidy Schlitz on her big win on today's show. Could we see another big win by the end of the week? Stay tuned all this week on CBS daytime to find out. Meanwhile, check out the huge $100,000 "Half-Off" win in the clip below. 

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  1. Really amazing win for her!
    And she beat out the previous 2nd highest daytime winner by $1 (previous one was Denise from Bob’s final show, who won $140,235 in cash and prizes).