Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Afternoon News Updates For April 22, 2014

Today's brief game show news update will cover the follow stories from earlier this week: 
- Remaining "Family BrainSurge" Episodes To Air On Nicktoons Channel
- Casting Call For Game Show Looking for Contestants With "High-Energy"
- Could Miranda Hart Become The First Female Host of Cult-Classic U.K. Game Show "The Generation Game"?
- History Channel Holding Video Casting Call Searching For Players To Face-off Against "Pawn Stars" Cast For Cash and Prizes
Check them out!

"Family BrainSurge" to Nicktoons
Beginning Monday, April 28 of next week at 8:00pm ET, Nicktoons will start airing the 10 remaining, unaired episodes of Nickelodeon’s Family BrainSurge. After a three-season stint on the kids network (two under the original BrainSurge title), the series ended in 2011. The show had six contestants or teams competing in three rounds for the right to play in the Level Three “Brain Trip” end game for a three prizes, including the grand prize, along with a sliming from head-to-toe. This game primarily tested the contestants’ memory and quick and keen observational skills. Along with the family edition of the show, BrainSurge has aired a few specials (albeit they were week-long) including “Girls vs. Boys” and celebrity episodes including veteran talk show host Larry King teaming up with his son. Check out the never-before-seen episodes of Family BrainSurge, with host Jeff Stuphen, next Monday on Nicktoons.

CASTING CALL: Game Show Looking For “High-Energy” Contestants
Producers of a “hot” new game show are searching for potential male and female contestants to compete on a show that revolves around exciting products and great bargains. The show will be filming in Los Angeles May 9 and May 10. Auditions will be held all this week from April 21 through April 25. If you live in or near the LA area, you should try out. You can go to Reality Wanted to apply. 

Miranda Hart In Talks With BBC To Host “The Generation Game” Revival 
Although nothing is set in stone about whether the revived series will be developed or not, comedian Miranda Hart is in the early stages of making a deal with BBC to become the first female host of The Generation Game. The program, which began in 1971 with host Bruce Forsyth, had four competing families a series of physical and mental challenges including making pottery, performing slapstick sketches and dance routines, and memorizing and recalling prizes they could win as they come down the show’s famous conveyor belt. Over the course of the 24 series and over 370 episodes it aired, The Generation Game has been hosted by five hosts, including memorable emcees Bruce Forsyth and Larry Grayson, and has proven to smash ratings success in the past achieving over 25 million viewers in 1979 and 16 million people during the 1990 special Christmas Day episode. With Hart’s background as a comedienne and acting her own self-titled sitcom and admitting that she was and still is a fan of the show calling it “one of the greatest game shows ever”, Hart seems link a good fit for the revival. With tho seeing said, I must reiterate that a new series us not finalized as “it’s in the early ideas stage at the moment” and “nothing is confirmed and no series [is] planned”, according to a BBC spokesman. 

History Channel Game Show Pits Players Against “Pawn Stars” Cast 
2001: This was the last year The History Channel aired an original game show (History IQ). Since then, the network had not made any attempt to create another original game show. That will soon change as The History Channel is creating and casting for a new game show that puts everyday people against the Pawn Stars in a trivia competition for cash and cool collectible items seen in and sold from the pawn shop. If you want to audition via Skype, email your age, occupation, residing city, a brief bio about yourself, a current photo of yourself and why you would make a great candidate to pawnshowcasting@gmail.com. All applicants must be at least 30 years of age and should be able to come to Las Vegas for a one-day shoot. 

Sources: Game Show Kingdom, Reality Wanted, BBC News, Blog.Vegas.com 

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