Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Game Show Highlights: Lisa Paton's "Million Dollar Minute" Attempt #3 and "The American Bible Challenge" Debut

The last few weeks in the game show world have been quite eventful with Millionaire's moving to Connecticut and Terry Crews signing on as the new host, the Jeopardy! Battle of The Decades coming to a close with Brad Rutter crowned the tournament champion and Julia Collins ranking third among the list of champions with longest Jeopardy! winning streak with 12 wins so far. I have a few more highlights you should look out for, particularly tomorrow, including Lisa Paton possibly becoming the first champion to win the top prize on Million Dollar Minute and The American Bible Challenge resuming its run on its parent network, GSN.

Lisa Paton Goes For Million-Dollar Prize (Again) on “Million Dollar Minute”
It wasn’t too long ago since Pierre Sutcliffe became the biggest winner on Australia’s Million Dollar Minute with his $500,000+ victory. On tomorrow’s edition of the Channel 7 series, Lisa Paton, a 38-year-old single mother from Victoria, will have a third chance to become the show’s first million-dollar winner. On Tuesday’s and today’s episode, Paton failed to cash out in her bonus round attempt by answering only two out of the five questions correctly on Tuesday’s show and three questions correctly today. Prior to that, Paton defeated 24 other contestants while amassing an incredible 11-game winning streak and $2,000 in safe money. If she were to lose today’s game, she would still walk away with a respectable $77,000, including the $75,000 “safety net” prize. 

Paton attributed her vast general knowledge to the fact that she has “always read a lot”. In fact, when Paton was a 12-years-old, she was "reading hundreds of books - historical fiction, Charles Dickens, Tolstoy, and Gone With The Wind as well as trashy magazines and anything else [she] could get [her] hands on. As an adult now, she reads about three books a week. Australian viewers will get a chance to see if all of that reading will literally pay off today as Paton plays her, hopefully, final game and win the $1 million top prize on tomorrow at 5:30pm AEST. Check out a small clip of her first attempt at going for the million-dollar jackpot in the video below.

Third Season of “The American Bible Challenge” To Premiere Thursday
GSN’s hit, Emmy-nominated game show The American Bible Challenge will return Thursday evening at 8:00pm ET for a third season. To mark the occasion, the show will be airing two, new, back-to-back episodes at 8:00pm and 9:00pm. The series will return with host Jeff Foxworthy and co-host and music director Kirk Franklin, more Biblical-themed games and new teams who are guaranteed to win money for their respective charities. We already know which teams will be competing in this year’s tournament, the question is: Who will be the $100,000 winner this season on The American Bible Challenge? The question will be answered soon enough as the new season kicks off tomorrow night on GSN. Stay tuned!

Source: Daily Mail, Seven Network

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