Monday, October 27, 2014

BIG NEWS: Ken Jennings To Play "Millionaire" November 14th & 17th

After defeating over 150 competitors and becoming one of biggest-winning champions on Jeopardy!, Ken Jennings is looking to take on a new challenge: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. In about three weeks, Jennings will be faced with 14 questions in an attempt to become fourth million-dollar winner in the syndicated version of Millionaire and the 13th top prize winner overall in the show's history. Jennings will be playing as a part of the show's "Guinness World Record Edition" theme week. He was the former world record holder for earning the "Largest Cash Prize Won on a TV Game Show". The record was broken last year when Andrew Kravis won $2.6 million on the ill-fated NBC game show The Million Second Quiz

It has been over five years since anyone has won the million-dollar prize and over a decade since won the prize has been won via answering all fifteen (now fourteen) questions correctly. Last season, we saw two contestants reach the top prize plateau (Josina Reaves and Nashville star Charles Esten), only to respectively end with one losing a lot of money and the other playing it safe and winning $500,000 for charity. Game show fans, you will not -- let me repeat -- WILL NOT want to miss these couple of episodes. If Jennings wins the big prize, he will once again become the all time highest-earning game show contestant in American game show history. Right now, he has earned a combined total of $4,023,414.29 and trails Brad Rutter by a little more than $530,000. (Hopefully, Jennings's game will not end like this.)

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