Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Highlights: Shows To Watch Tonight (October 26th)

Believe it or not, today is actually a pretty eventful day for game shows with U.S viewers looking forward to another installment GSN’s Time Capsule later tonight, and a new episode of Family Game Night: Celebrity Edition in its new time slot on Discovery Family (formerly The Hub Network). Internationally, Canadian viewers will look forward to a new episode of CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person and U.K. viewers will have a chance to enjoy ITV brand new primetime game show, Keep It In The Family.

Family Game Night: Celebrity Edition; 2:00pm EDT on Discovery Family 
This week’s new episode of Family Game Night will feature another celebrity and their family playing one of the show’s larger-than-life games for charity. The show is in its second week in its new afternoon time slot upon the network’s rebranding from The Hub Network to Discovery Family on Monday, October 13 after Discovery Communications re-acquired a controlling stake in the network from Hasbro. 

Keep It In The Family; 7:00pm GMT on ITV (3:00pm EDT)
On the new ITV primetime game show hosted by Bradley Walsh, three generations of rival families face each other in a series of crazy games for great prizes including a family vacation or a new car. Each week, six celebrities will be holding six prizes with a clue attached. Throughout the show, the kids will be put in charge of selecting which family members play in each round and pick which prizes to keep, swap and drop. Tonight’s episode features the Graziano family from Plymouth competing against the Davis family from Surrey as well as Emmerdale stars (Mark Charnock, Charlotte Bellamy, Dominic Brunt, Chris Bisson, Samantha Giles and Natalie Anderson) assisting with the prizes.

Canada’s Smartest Person; 8:00pm EDT on CBC
Tonight’s episode of Canada’s Krypton Factor-esqe game show will have four more brainiacs step up to the ultimate task of taking on a series of tough challenges designed to test various factors of multiple intelligence including linguistic, physical, musical, visual, social and logical. In the fifth week of competition, this week’s contestants are Max Cameron, a fighter pilot from Calgary, Alberta; Kaveh Kavoosi, a doctor from Aurora, Ontario; Jennifer Hurd, a doctorate student from Ottawa, Ontario and Cat Jahnke, a musician from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Today’s winner will return to the second season finale along with the seven other finalists to determine who will join first season champion Peter Dyakowski in the ranks of being named “Canada’s Smartest Person”

The Crosswits; GSN; Sunday, October 26 at 11:00pm and 11:30pm EDT
After airing two rarely-seen game shows earlier this month, GSN will be doing it again this Sunday by airing two classic episodes of The All New Crosswits with host David Sparks. This show is a revival of the original 1975 series hosted by Jack Clark, which had two teams, each comprised of one civilian contestant and two celebrities, race to fill in crossword puzzles and solve the common bond between the words in each puzzle for points. The winner earned the right to play the quick-fire Crossfire bonus round with a celebrity partner for a chance to win a trip and a new car. These episodes, which haven’t aired since the show’s original run in 1986, feature celebrity guests including Rosie O’ Donnell, Arsenio Hall, Joanna Kerns, Charles Shaughnessy and John Schuck. Although I can foresee a lot of viewers DVRing the hour-long block given its late-night time slot, stay tuned for GSN’s unearthing of this rare game show gem.

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