Wednesday, December 3, 2014

GSN's "Baggage: On The Road" To Debut January 7

After making a cross-country tour to Austin, Tampa, Louisiana State University, and University of Connecticut within the past few months, Baggage: On The Road is set to premiere January 7, 2015 at 9:00pm EST on GSN. Jerry Springer will return as the show’s host and 20 half-hour episodes are scheduled to air this season. This will mark the show’s fourth season on the network. The gameplay’s the same with three contestants given a chance to win a date with the night’s featured contestant while the trio reveals three weird, quirky and embarrassing secrets about themselves. The last contestant remaining will have the option to keep the date or not after the featured contestant reveals his/her “baggage” at the end of the show.

Baggage is one of the better, more unique original game shows GSN has to offer due to the fact that it became the highest-rated weekday series in network history averaging 473,000 viewers in its first season and the first GSN show to hit the national syndicated television circuit in 2011. I’m glad GSN decided to bring this show back with a fresh spin. Check out a first season episode in the clip below.

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