Monday, December 1, 2014

Vote For Your Favorite Game Show Moments of 2014!

As we enter into the home stretch of 2014, it’s time again to think about the most iconic and most talked-about game show moments that have occurred during the past 365 days, including any moments that might occur this month. At the end of the month, The Blog Is Right will be listing the top 10 memorable game show moments of the year and, like last year, I will need your help in compiling the list by figuring out which moments should belong on the back end (#8-#10) of the list. Beginning today, you can vote for three game show moments you believe are “Top 10” worthy below. In advance, thanks for voting and stay tuned for the annual unveiling of TBIR’s Best of 2014 Top 10 Countdown list December 31!

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  1. There are some celebrities who are famous for being famous and for nothing else. And good luck to them, because it lasts for some time and then they're nothing again.