Saturday, January 10, 2015

Channel 4 Renews "Fifteen To One" For Third Series

Nearly a month after crowning their series two £40,000 grand champion, Fifteen To One has been renewed for a third series by Channel 4. Sandi Toksvig will return as the shows host and, once again, 40 episodes will be filmed for the upcoming series in Glasgow, Scotland beginning Spring 2015. The tough quiz show is currently searching for contestants to compete on the next series. Email to receive an application form and go to for more details about the casting process and qualifications details. You must be a resident in the U.K. to apply.

If you haven't had a chance to check out an episode from the last series, check out one in the video below.

Sources: Channel 4, Remedy Productions


  1. Has there been any news on if they will renew the Celebrity editions with Adam Hills as a short series like last year?

    1. No news yet concerning whether additional celebrity episodes will be filmed this year. I will make sure to keep you all updated. However, I am confident the show will produce another brief celebrity series considering the network's recent renewal of the show.