Monday, May 11, 2015

Rules For GSN’s “Chain Reaction” Revival

Earlier this month, Hollywood Junket attended a taping of GSN’s Chain Reaction revival hosted by radio personality Mike Catherwood (a.k.a “Psycho Mike). Here’s how the new edition of Chain Reaction works: two teams comprised of two teammates compete to fill in a series of seven-word chains in three rounds. In the first round, two chains are played with each correct answer worth $100 in the first and $200 in the second. In the second round, another chain is played for higher stakes. The third round is deemed the betting round where teams wager between $100-$500 per attempt to fill in the chain. The team with the most money at the end of the round plays the end game where one final chain must be completed in 45 seconds for $5,000.

According to Hollywood Junket’s sneak peek of the new GSN series, Catherwood seems like a great candidate to host the series and this version of Chain Reaction does not stray too far away from the 2006 format with the exception for the trio of teammates reduced down to pairs and the elimination of the speed rounds and Instant Reaction end game. It does seem to be taking a page out of Lingo and Family Feud’s book with the inclusion of crude innuendos within the game to attract more core demographic viewers. Let’s hope this aspect won’t ruin the show as a lot of you folks may have seen with Lingo in 2011. Stay tuned for the return of Chain Reaction later this year on GSN!