Wednesday, August 19, 2015

STAY TUNED: BUZZR's "Lost And Found" Block To Premiere September 7

For those of you who have FremantleMedia's digital channel, BUZZR, available on your local station, you are in for a treat within the next few weeks. Starting September 7, the channel will be airing a special "Lost and Found" block dedicated to exhibiting rarely seen game shows and pilots from Fremantle's vault. According to the promo (shown below), some of the unearthed shows to be aired could include Star Words, Body Talk, TKO and Double Dare (no, not the Nickelodeon version).

As a game show fan, I am undoubtedly looking forward to this because some of these unsold pilots will be shown in its entirety for the first time to the viewing public. I felt the same way when GSN aired the 37-minute pilot of the 1963 Let's Make A Deal for the first time on television in 2003. Go to to check out the schedule and to find out if BUZZR is available in your area. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The "Lost And Found" block will air for the week of September 7 from 8:00pm to 2:00pm EDT, which will also feature pilots to On A Roll, the 1992 CBS version of Family Feud, Body Language, Beat The Clock, Child's Play, Let's Make A Deal and Match Game. A special recap show will air September 12 featuring a discussion on some of the popular pilots.

UPDATE Source: Variety

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