Thursday, September 17, 2015

Electus & Barracuda Productions To Revive “Treasure Hunt”

It has been a while (specifically three years) since we have heard of a Treasure Hunt revival. According to Tuesday's news, Electus and Barry Poznick’s production company, Barracuda Television Productions, have acquired the rights to adapt Treasure Hunt as a new unscripted series. The new edition of Treasure Hunt will be produced by Poznick and Chris Grant of Electus along with veteran game show host and producer Wink Martindale and John Ricci, Jr. Three different versions have aired since the series premiered in 1956, beginning with the ABC/NBC version with host Jan Murray and ending with the The New Treasure Hunt in 1974 and Treasure Hunt in 1980, both syndicated shows produced by Chuck Barris and hosted by Geoff Edwards. The basic premise of the series remains the same with a contestant selecting one box out of 30 and making a decision to either keep the cash award attached to the box or take the prize inside, which could range from a “klunk” (booby prize) to a luxurious prize such as a trip, car or tens of thousands of dollars. 

Because Treasure Hunt has a very shallow, non-redeeming and simple format, the success of the precursor to Deal or No Deal  purely relies on the host. So far, the series has been three-for-three in signing the perfect host for each version, including Geoff Edwards, perhaps one of the most underrated game shows of all time. If this upcoming series were to gain a host with similar excellent improvisational attributes as Edwards had, like Wayne Brady, this show could be just as successful as the 70’s version, lasting for five seasons in syndication with solid ratings before Edwards decided to leave the series due to Barris’ new seemingly sadistic ideas to mess with the contestants during the prize reveals. With the team of Martindale and Ricci, Jr. assisting with the revival’s production, I have no doubt that we will be in for a treat when the new edition of Treasure Hunt hits the U.S. airwaves. I think it will also be safe to say that this version will have women and men competing on the program. Check out an episode from each version in the videos below. 

Source: Deadline

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