Monday, July 18, 2016

“Mastermind New Zealand” To Air Grand Final Sunday, July 24

As BBC Two’s Mastermind started its 45th series the weekend before last with slight graphics updates and the newly added 10-second countdown music cue to add more tension (much to the chagrin of a few viewers), Mastermind New Zealand will be airing its first Grand Final since 1991 next Sunday at 7:45pm on TVNZ’s TV One. Here are the four finalists who will be furiously fighting to win the iconic black chair and championship next weekend: 

Julyan Lawry 
General Practitioner from West Auckland
Qualifying Round Speciality Subject: The Life and Works of Stephen Fry
Semifinal Speciality Subject: The Travel Books of Bill Bryson 1985-2015

William Barnes 
High School Teacher from Havelock North 
Qualifying Round Speciality Subject: American History during The 1960s
Semifinal Speciality Subject: The Life and Political Career of Joseph Stalin

David Barnes
Technical Claims Manager from Dunedin
Qualifying Round Speciality Subject: British Antarctic Expeditions to the Ross Sea
Semifinal Speciality Subject: The Music and History of Split Enz

Jackie Owens
Public Servant from Wellington
Qualifying Round Speciality Subject: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
Semifinal Speciality Subject: Classical Greek Mythology

As they have been doing all tournament, host Peter Williams will engage the four finalists in three 90-second rounds that will respectively test their trivia acumen in the fields of their selected speciality subject, general knowledge and one of the five subjects (history science and nature, pop culture, arts and literature, sports) pertaining to New Zealand. Catch all the action next week on TV One and take a look at some of the past episodes from this season in case you've missed any on– if you’re able to.

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