Thursday, September 27, 2012

"numbNuts" To Premiere On MTV2 This Friday

Coming this Friday to a television near you, MTV2's new game show numbNuts will make its official debut with Money From Strangers host Jeff Dye at the helm. The show pits three amateur Internet-daredevil contestants against three web-celebrity Stunt Masters, Crazy, The Horse, and Victor Lopez to see which of the two teams can best perform the more extreme versions of the contestants' own stunts. The new series will be executive produced by David Hurwitz (who has previously worked with Fear Factor and the new NBC reality show Stars Earn Stripes) and directed by Rupert Thompson (who has also worked on the aforementioned shows and Wipeout).

With Jeff Dye, known for his appearance as a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing, is hosting this show, this might be a sign that the plug has been pulled from MTV's Money From Strangers. Dye did a good job of hosting Money From Strangers and nothing less should be expect of him in terms of carrying the show.  From the looks of this show judging from the preview, it seems like numbNuts is simply going to be another body-slamming, adrenaline-packed, physically challenging game show like Wipeout and Oh Sit! It's like Jackass fused with Pros Vs. Joes and Fear Factor. Needless to say, it will be an interesting watch. Check out the series premiere of numbNuts on Friday, September 28 at 10:00pm on MTV2.

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Sources: MTV2, TV By The Numbers 

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