Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Top 5 September 2012 Game Show Highlights

Courtesy CBS.
This week's article is dedicated to taking a look at the top five most memorable and rewarding game show moments in September. Did your favorite game show top the charts in this week’s top five countdown? Check out the countdown of the top five game show moments to find out!

#5: September 23, 2012: Family Game Night- New Season, New Format, New Games, Same Great Host
Sunday, September 23 marked the third season premiere of The Hub's most successful running game show Family Game Night. Host Todd Newton returns this season with new changes in the game format enabling more families to compete on the show, new games for the contestants to play, and even more at stake as the winning family could drive home with a brand new car along with thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. One of the newest games brought to life on the Family Game Night stage is classic naval strategy board game, Battleship. The object of the television version of Battleship is to sink three ships first. The first family to do so wins a prize package. Check out an excerpt from a game in progress in the clip below. 

#4: September 25, 2012: Wheel of Fortune- Jackpots and Cars and Million Dollar Wedges, Oh My!
Wheel of Fortune kicked off its 30th season in syndication last week. During the premiere week, over $122,000 was given away in cash and prizes, and a third of that total was attributed to Tuesday's winner John Blakely, a soon-to-be beer craft business owner from Columbus, OH. By picking up 1/2 Car tags, the Million Dollar Wedge, the first round Jackpot, and solving a Prize Prize, John was a shoo-in for last week's Wheel of Fortune "Player of The Week" as he took home an even total of $40,000 in cash and prizes, including a new Smart Car. Check out John's Highlights in the clip below. 

#3: September 18, 2012: Let's Ask America- Big Risk=Big Payoffs
The new Scripps game show Let's Ask America gives contestants a chance to predict what Americans think about certain subjects and to win up to $50,000 in cash from the comfort of their own couch. It wouldn't be long until the show saw its first big winner on the second episode when Jerrod from Muskogee, OK became the first contestant to place an all-in bet on the final question and banked an impressive $37,500. Check out Jerrod's big money moment in the clip below. 

#2: September 18, 2012: The Price Is Right- Paul Levine's Déjà Vu
Appropriately dated, The Price Is Right's 40th Anniversary Special aired on Tuesday, September 4, the same day the long-running game show was revived on CBS in 1972. To mark the occasion, the audience was completely filled with former contestants from previous seasons. It looked history repeated itself (literally) for Paul Levine, the very first Showcase winner in 1972, as he played the same pricing game as he did in his first appearance and won his Showcase for the second time. Paul won a little over $4,300 in prizes back in 1972. Forty years later, Paul increased his winnings by more than tenfold with his incredible game total of $51,421. Check out Paul's second Bonus Game attempt (this time for a brand new car) in the clip below.

#1: September 6, 2012: Millionaire- Andrew Tyler's $250,000 Question
This season of Millionaire has seen some big wins so far this season. In a matter of weeks, two contestants have walked away with $100,000 and one contestant by the name of Andrew Tyler pocketed $250,000 during the premiere week of Millionaire's eleventh season in syndication. Watch the second half of Andrew's game, which includes his quarter-million dollar moment in the clip below.

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