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The Top 5 August 2012 Game Show Highlights

Courtesy BBC
Well game show fans, it’s that time of the month again. It's time to take a look at the five most memorable, record-breaking, and history-making game show moments that happened in August. Did your moment in the limelight or unforgettable episode of personal favorite make it in this week’s top five countdown? Check out this week’s list of five to find out!

#5: August 16, 2012: Wipeout- Tony "Twice Is Nice" Lee: Wipeout's Ultimate Champion
This special edition of Wipeout invited back twelve of some of the best winners and most memorable losers from earlier seasons. In the third All-Stars episode, each former champion and loser were paired as teams to take on the challenging Wipeout course together for a second time. The two remaining teams who finished the third round first advanced to the “Winner-Or-Loser Wipeout Zone”, where it’s every man/woman for his or herself. Of the 24 returning contenders, ‘Tapping’ Tony Lee was the undisputed MVP of the show. Lee, paired with ‘Chaz Hands’ Chaz Hume, dominated the first two Wipeout challenges and picked up an extra $250 while successfully crossing the Big Balls. In the final round, Lee’s quickness and agility proved advantageous to him as he once again ran through the course in the fastest time, became the first contestant to win the Wipeout Zone twice, and became the show’s biggest money winner with $100,250. Click here to check out the Lee’s repeat championship run. 

#4: August 26, 2012: The Celebrity Edition of The Chase- "Wipeout!"
On the second episode of the celebrity version of The Chase, U.K. stars Matt Dawson, Sally Bercow, Jack P. Shephard, and Jimmy Carr take their turn against the episode’s Chaser, Mark Labbett. Fun Fact: At least two celebrities from every team who has ever played on the show have advanced to The Final Chase, whether they have won or not. On this episode, the team Dawson, Bercow, Shephard, and Carr would be infamously known as becoming the first celebrity team to have all four members caught by the Chaser. On a quick side note, this is the seventh time a Chaser has caught all four members on a team. According to the show rules, the team was brought back for the Final Chase, but must decide which teammate will play the final round alone. Click here to find out to see if Mark “The Beast” Labbett can go 5 and 0 for the day. 

#3: August 23, 2012: The American Bible Challenge- The Series Premiere 
After endless hours of promotion and searching for charitable and caring contestants all across the country, GSN’s newest game show The American Bible Challenge stormed out of the starting gate. The series premiere of the show debuted to record-breaking ratings for the network as the episode averaged over 1.73 million viewers. Check out the first episode of the Jeff Foxworthy-hosted show on The American Bible Challenge’s in the video below.

#2: August 18, 2012: Secret Fortune- Third £100,000 Winners
The third series of the BBC game show Secret Fortune has seen some impressive, big money wins so far.  The first episode of the series saw a £40,000 winner, the second episode raised the bar with a £50,000 winner, and the third episode fell back a bit giving away £5,000. The tides would soon turn during the fourth episode when Claire and Julie from Lennoxshire, Scotland broke the bank and won the show’s top prize of £100,000. Check out the mother/daughter team’s triumphant victory in the full episode below.

#1: August 30, 2012: The Pyramid- An Official Sneak Peek Into The Future
For two years in 2009 and 2010, CBS has teased game shows fans (specifically Pyramid fans) with rumors of adding the famed Bob Stewart game show to their daytime schedule.  Three years and two pilots later, GSN officially declared that the much anticipated Pyramid revival would officially air on September 3 with Price Is Right and Let’s Make A Deal executive producer Mike Richards at the helm. The Pyramid made its unofficial debut on August 30 to give the viewing public a preview of what to look forward to. From the look of the preview episode, I think that it’s safe to say that a majority of the viewers are pleased with the results. Judge for yourself in the episode’s highlight reel below. What do you think? 

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