Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Family Trade" To Premiere on GSN March 5

Along with the premiere of the second season of The American Bible Challenge, GSN announced the official debut date of their first "real-life game" entering the broadcast battlefield: Family Trade. Family Trade will premiere March 5 with two back-to-back half-hour episodes beginning at 8:00pm EST. The new GSN reality series is centered around the Stone family and their family-owned business, G-Stone Motors. 

G-Stone Motors is a state-of-the-art GMC and Ford dealership located in Middlebury, VT, whose motto is "We'll take anything in trade", from coffins to hot air balloons. In lieu of your valuable collection or prized possession, the dealership's owner, Gardner Stone, will give you a brand new car. Stone's son and daughter, Todd and Darcy, act as their father's consultant on what makes a good trade and are also in charge of re-selling whatever their father has bought. Each episode will feature interesting barter stories and scenarios between the Stones and the sellers and family comedy and/or drama that may go on behind the counter.  

About four months ago, I wrote an article concerning the updates of the new and upcoming GSN programs, including the news about Family Trade. My skeptical outlook of the success of the new reality show has not changed since then. With reality shows like Pawn Stars already on air, this show will simply be pushed aside and overlooked as with every other failed GSN reality show. GSN has already produced two "one-and-done" reality programs and I don't see this show lasting long, especially with the absence of a television personality as the star of the series. Maybe the third time will be the charm for GSN and its track record with reality shows. 

**Photo Courtesy of The Middlebury Campus**

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