Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ani Khojasarian Becomes First $100,000 "Pay The Rent" WInner on The Price Is Right

After making its debut in 2010, The Price Is Right's newer pricing game, Pay The Rent, has finally seen its first $100,000 winner on today's show. Ani Khojasarian from Glendale, CA, not only became the pricing game's first top prize winner, but she also became the third biggest daytime winner on the show by winning a grand total of $124,017 and broke the record for the most won in a pricing game during the daytime show. She nearly became the all-time daytime TPIR winner today by $248 in the Showcase round by coming within $498 of her own Showcase. To my knowledge, the previous record was held by Devon Grover in 2007 during the show's 35th season when he won $88,321 in prizes (including a new motorhome) playing Golden Road

Since the pricing game's premiere, Pay The Rent has been played about twelve times previously and has seen seven contestants lose $10,000 by going for the one-hundred grand, one $5,000 winner, and three $10,000 winners, including a contestant who could have won it all had she taken the risk. Unlike the rest of the pricing games, this one requires a little more thought and strategy in order to win the big bucks. If you have seen the game played before, it's not as simple as placing the cheapest item on the bottom and the most expensive item on top. Although, I can't help but wonder if the producers have made the game easier to play and win in the most recent playings. Nevertheless, congratulations to Ani's big win during Big Money Week on The Price Is Right and you can check out the entire episode on; or, if you don't have that much time or simply don't feel like watching the show in its entirety, you can check out her $100,000 win in the clip below.


**All photos courtesy of CBS.**


  1. Congratulations Ani Khojasarian that was a very big win. I knew the batteries were the most expensive in that game

  2. I watch the show every day, I have been going to the show since 2005 and still have not been picked. I have done 10 tapings with Bob Barker and 10 tapings with Drew Carey. I enjoy going to these tapings