Saturday, May 25, 2013

ABC Family P-I-C-K-S U-P “Spell-Mageddon” Game Show For This Summer

ABC Family has picked up the new game show Spell-Mageddon to add to its summer schedule. The show will debut on July 24 at 9:00pm EST, following the airing network’s original comedy series Melissa And Joey and Baby Daddy starting an hour before Spell-Mageddon. The upcoming series, created and executive produced by Adam Reed, Adam Freeman and Leslie Greif of Thinkfactory Media, has contestants spelling words while being distracted with ridiculous challenges. No news on who is signed on to be the show’s host. Also, this is the first time since the network will debut an original game show since Paranoia (FOX Family era) in 2000.

About a month ago, I reported news about the show casting for contestants in one of my past "News In A Flash" articles and, according to Reality Wanted, the series is still looking for people to compete on the show. It’s very interesting to see some of the latest game shows following in the footsteps of Distraction and even similar to The Chamber like TruTV’s Killer Karaoke. Speaking of the insane music game show, since Killer Karaoke only lasted for a season, I don’t have a lot of faith in this series sticking around for a long period of time, given the show’s premise is similar to Killer Karaoke’s. But, stranger things have happened. Nevertheless, mark your calendars and stay tuned for the premiere of Spell-Mageddon this summer on ABC Family!


  1. Do you know what some of the "ridiculous challenges" are? I may be interested in playing. Thanks.

  2. No news on the specifics of the challenges yet.