Monday, May 27, 2013

"Wheel" Celebrates 30 This Week

Wheel of Fortune will be celebrating its 30th year in syndicated television with a special “Celebrating 30” motif this week. This week’s contestants have all reached 30-year milestones in their lives and the show, named as the “top-rated syndicated series” by TV Guide, will be celebrating along with them by rewarding them with big money and luxurious prizes. The long-running series has been celebrating all season with special episodes filmed in New York City, multiple Tweetstakes, new puzzle categories and more chances for the home viewers and contestants to win more cash. Technically, the big Wheel has been spinning for more than 38 years when the series first premiered in January 6, 1975 on NBC with Chuck Woolery at the helm. Nonetheless, check out this week’s promo on the show’s site.

Based on the promo, one of this week's contestants could become the second member of a special, elite group of champions alongside Michelle Lowenstein (hint, hint). Check you local listing and check out Wheel of Fortune all this week to find out if a lucky contestant can strike it rich. In the meantime, take a gander at some of the greatest Wheel milestones in the shows history in the clips below.

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