Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Updates For ABC Family's "Spell-Mageddon" Including Host and In-Game Challenges

About two months ago, I had written an article concerning the official premiere of the cable network's upcoming game showSpell-MageddonThe one-hour show premieres July 24 at 9:00pm EST and engages contestants in an outrageous spelling bee where they have to spell challenging words while taking on hilarious distractions. Think of it as the Scripps National Spelling Bee meets Distraction. Former Catch 21 host Alfonso Ribeiro will be the emcee for the new series and some of the mini-games within the show include "Buzzed-In", "Zapped", "Sensory Overload" and "In Your Face". 

"Buzzed-In": Contestants must race to a buzzer by carefully maneuvering their way through a slippery obstacle course and while trying to avoid a giant swinging log. 

"Zapped": Contestants will have to try to keep their "cool" by spelling words while being blasted by cold air, sprayed in the face with water and soaked with blue slushy ice water.

"In Your Face": Contestants are strapped to a giant fork and swung into a large pie.

"Sensory Overload": Contestants must spell while being distracted by flashing monitors, blaring speakers, lasers, flash bulbs and strobe lights surrounding them. 

Judging from the challenges, it's going to be a very interesting game show to watch. It doesn't look bad and also looks fun for a summer series. I have also noticed that this show takes a more light-hearted approach with the distractions, rather than the painful, dangerous and degrading ones as seen previously on Killer Karaoke and Distraction. At any rate, stay tuned for the series premiere of Spell-Mageddon coming up in a couple of weeks. 

Source and Photo Source: TV By The Numbers

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  1. Thanks for the update on this. I'll be watching.