Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer 2013 Game Show Highlights

As we are reaching the final days of summer (and for some, summer vacation), it means that most of the summer game show series are coming to an end. With fall right around the corner, today’s retrospect article will take a look at some of the best game show moments this summer. Here we go!

The Chase Comes To GSN
One of the highlights for the channel formerly known as the Game Show Network this summer would definitely be bringing The Chase to the U.S. Based on the hit ITV series of the same name, The Chase made its double-header debut on August 6 with host Brooke Burns and the U.K.’s own Mark “The Beast” Labbett as the show’s sole Chaser. While the trio of contestants on the first airing did not have a happy ending, the team of Jonathan, Heather and Cory Antonado made up for it with a big $180,000 victory on the following show. Check out the team’s triumph against the terrifying Beast in the episode below.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Makes A Comeback
After a six-year absence, The CW made the move to revive the cult-classic improv “game” show. With Aisha Tyler at the helm, this version pleased its fans and newcomers by retaining the core performers (Brady, Stiles, Mocherie), games and general flow of the show while adding new elements such as a weekly special guest and sleek, new set. The series premiere alone raked in almost 3 million viewers, marking it as one of the network’s highest-rated shows this summer. Check out the show’s season premiere in the video below.

Minute To Win It Returns To Primetime
After a two-season stint on NBC, GSN made the move to revive Minute To Win It. As a part of the network's Tuesday lineup with The Chase, this version features the same challenging 60-second games and the same enthusiastic contestants. The only differences this edition brings is a lower, but still respectable $250,000 grand prize and famed Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno. This show has held steady ratings wise, although there is no word yet as to whether the show will return or not. Check out a clip from the show's sneak peek episode, which aired on May 23 on GSN.

NBC Brings Hollywood Back To Primetime Game Shows
Since the 1980s, there has been a drought of celebrity game shows. The last game show to attempt the specific genre was GSN’s The Pyramid in the 2012. But, it wasn’t enough to satisfy viewers. This summer, NBC filled the void with the premiere of Hollywood Game Night, hosted by Glee’s Jane Lynch. This season, the show has featured well-known celebrity big wigs such as Amy Poehler, Matthew Perry and Al Roker playing with civilian contestants for big money. Stay tuned for the show’s season finale on Thursday and check out an episode in the video below.

The Winner Is…Katie Ohh!
This summer, NBC decided to add on to its roster of talent competition programs with the debut of The Winner Is. This new singing game show pit 36 acts against each other in a series of head-to-head competitions and left their fates into the votes of the 101 experts. The eventual winner won $1 million in cash. This season, the viewers and host Nick Lachey saw amazing performances, surprising bailouts and a million-dollar champion. Because of its fast-paced and entertaining format, I boldly predicted that this show would be sticking around for at least three seasons. It seems like I was a little bit off-target with this show due to the fact that NBC pulled the show from its schedule with two episodes remaining. Check out Katie Ohh’s big win in the Million Dollar Finale in the clip below.

ABC Family & Spell-Mageddon
ABC Family reentered the game show business after a decade-long absence with Spell-Mageddon. The new game show, hosted by Catch 21’s Alfonso Ribeiro, test its contestants’ spelling skills and concentration for $10,000. Check out an episode below to get a taste of the crazy stunts the contestants have to endure to emerge victorious.

TBS’s Deal With It
To accompany its endless lineup of comedy shows, TBS decided to debut its first game show, Deal With It. Produced by Howie Mandel, this show follows the similar format of Money With Strangers. The exception is that the contestant must perform the ludicrous stunts in the presence of whomever they are with in public. With solid ratings, a funny premise and an array of special guest stars, TBS greenlit the show for a second season. Check out a clip of the show below!

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