Sunday, September 22, 2013

Game Show Spotlights: "The Price Is Right" 42nd Premiere and "Millionaire" History In The Making?

A new season is among us: calendar and television alike. As we enter into the first day of fall, CBS daytime game shows The Price Is Right and Let’s Make A Deal will be kicking off their respective 42nd and 5th seasons tomorrow (Check your CBS local listings). The bigger of the two premieres are The Price Is Right and the debut of its new pricing game, "Do The Math". Speaking of pricing games, the show will also be airing an all-Plinko episode honoring the game’s 30th anniversary this Friday. Meanwhile on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, host Cedric “The Entertainer” and viewers will have a chance to see a contestant face a million-dollar question some time this week.

It was over four years ago when millions of viewers had last seen a million-dollar question answered correctly, during the Tournament of Ten, and incorrectly, during the 10th Anniversary Celebration. The spoiler promo revealed that the female contestant would be facing the big question with no lifelines and $100,000 banked. Will she become the second woman in American Millionaire history to win the elusive million-dollar grand prize? Find out this week on Millionaire. Check your local listings.

Switching gears back to daytime television, one lucky contestant will have the privilege of being the first person to play The Price Is Right’s newest game, "Do The Math". Here’s how it works: the contestant will have to solve a math equation in which they are given a dollar figure between the hidden values of the two prizes at stake (ex.: 3-D HDTV [?] $1,160 = Motorcycle). The contestant must determine whether the first prize value must be either added or subtracted from the middle price to equal the second prize value (3-D HDTV +/- $1,160 = Motorcycle). We have seen Price create math-based pricing games in the past, whether they were keepers (Grocery Game, Check-Out, Take Two) or short-lived (Add ‘Em Up, the original Balance Game). As with Double Cross, this is a creative and simple game that will fit right in with the daytime game show’s current list of pricing games. Stay tuned for the game’s premiere tomorrow on CBS. The clip below will further cover more information on "Do The Math" and the special all-Plinko show on Friday.

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