Monday, January 27, 2014

Stay Tuned!: Jeopardy! "Battle of The Decades” Tournament To Kickoff Next Week

Starting next week, Jeopardy! will be kicking off its biggest tournament yet: The Battle of The Decades tournament. During the next three and a half months, 45 of the best players to ever grace the Jeopardy! set in the show’s lengthy 30 year history will be competing in a series of games from past tournament winners to "undefeated" 5-day champions. These games will lead up to the Tournament Finals, where one contestant is guaranteed to win $1 million on Friday, May 16, the last day of the tournament. Unlike the “Ultimate Tournament of Champions” over 8 years ago, the tournament weeks will not air consecutively until May 5th when the remaining contenders play in the quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds in a two-week period. The first week of the Jeopardy! tournament will be dubbed as “1980s Week”. Listed below are the contestants who will be competing in the first five games of the special competition as well as a scheduled breakdown of what will be happening in each week of the Battle of The Decades tournament. 

Monday, February 3rd
  • India Cooper: Season 9 ($124,400)
  • Chuck Forrest: Season 3 ($222,800)  
  • Jim Scott: Season 8 ($154,300)
Tuesday, February 4th
  • Leslie Frates: Season 8 ($98,599)
  • Leszek Pawlowicz: Season 9 ($180,400)
  • Andrew Westney: Season 8 ($31,000)
Wednesday, February 5th
  • Richard Cordray: Season 4 ($45,303)
  • Tom Nosek: Season 10 ($184,240)
  • Leslie Shannon: Season 10 ($94,300)
Thursday, February 6th
  • Phoebe Juel: Season 10 ($38,000)
  • Mark Lowenthal: Season 5 ($154,901) 
  • Frank Spangenburg: Season 7 ($249,596)
Friday, February 7th
  • Tom Cubbage: Season 6 ($136,600)
  • Bob Verini: Season 4 ($221,802)
  • Jerome Vered: Season 9 ($494,102)
Tournament Rundown:
1980s Week: February 3rd-7th
1990s Week: March 3rd-7th
2000s Week: March 31st-April 4th
Quarter-, Semi- and Final Rounds: May 5th-May 16th

Check out to view information and videos about the contestants' overall stats and interviews and Crackle to view the contestant’s original episodes in the “Jeopardy Flashback” channel. 

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