Monday, June 2, 2014

Grant Denyer To Host “Family Feud” Revival

While multiple Million Dollar Minute champions have been making headlines recently, so has the show’s former host Grant Denyer. Upon Denyer’s contract ending with the Seven Network last week, Channel Ten acquired him on within a few hours and signed him to hosted the network’s revival of Family Feud. Beverley McGarvey, Network Ten’s Chief Programming Officer, stated “[Family Feud and Grant] will make a great combination and will give us a fun, exciting and entertaining show for the 6pm Monday to Friday time slot.” He described the switch between networks as a “fresh start” after struggling this past year of he and his wife going to rehab to seek treatment for their crystal meth addiction while losing his $750,000 Seven Network contract in the process. 

This is a very interesting update considering Denyer “never, ever wanted to be a game show host”, according to an interview Fairfax Media, which occurred before the September 16 premiere of Million Dollar Minute. Now, he’s on his way to hosting his second game show. In the few episodes of Million Dollar Minute I’ve seen featuring Denyer, he was a good enough host for the show for someone who had no interest in being involved with the television genre. At any rate, Australian viewers, keep your eyes peeled for the Family Feud reboot on Ten Network. In the meantime, check out the 2007 series finale of the most recent Feud revival, Bert's Family Feud, in the video below.

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