Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DVR Watch List For The Week of July 29-August 3

Today’s article will take a look at some of the game shows you should check out throughout the week including new episodes, season and series premieres and special theme shows, nationally and internationally. Make sure to set your DVRs (or, at the very least, watch the encores online) if you are not able to view some of these shows. (Quick end note: The reason I created the "watch list" from Tuesday-Sunday is because there was not much of anything happening on Monday.)

Tuesday, July 29
NEW! The Chase on GSN - 8:00pm EDT
The Chase on GSN (Repeat) - 9:00pm EDT 
The Chase on GSN (Repeat) - 11:00pm EDT

Wednesday, July 30
NEW! All Star Mr & Mrs on ITV - 8:00pm BST

Thursday, July 31
Hollywood Game Night on NBC - 8:00pm EDT
NEW! It Takes A Church (Season Finale) on GSN - 9:00pm EDT
NEW! Pawnography on HISTORY - 10:03pm EDT
NEW! Pawnography on HISTORY - 10:33pm EDT

Friday, July 1
NEW! The Million Pound Drop on Channel 4 - 8:00pm BST 
NEW! The Singer Takes It All on Channel 4 - 9:00pm BST

From the producers of The Million Pound Drop, The Singer Takes It All, hosted by Alan Carr, takes amateur singers of all kinds and skill levels and places them on a conveyor belt controlled solely by the studio and home audiences’ positive or negative votes. (Think of it as a mixture of The Winner Is and Downfall.) Download the official app to join in on the live-action fun on the show’s app page. Your votes could help determine which singer wins the potential £15,000 cash prize on each show. 

Saturday, August 2
NEW! Tipping Point: Lucky Stars on ITV - 7:30pm GMT

Sunday, August 3
Catch Phrase on ITV - 7:15pm BST
NEW! Family Game Night on The Hub Network (5th Season Premiere) - 7:00pm EDT
NEW! Wipeout on ABC (Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes) - 8:00pm EDT

The Hub Network’s hit game show, Family Game Night, will be returning for its fifth season this Sunday. This season promises to bring more excitement and fun to viewing audiences with celebrity guest stars and their family members playing the show’s “life-sized” games for charity.

Throughout The Week:
- Jeopardy! Teen Tournament Semifinals/Finals - Syndication
- Wheel of Fortune (Girlfriend Getaways) - Syndication
- Family Feud - 6:00pm AST - TEN Network 

Special Celebrity Guests:
- ASM&M: Terry Alderton & wife Dee Ivens, Gregor Fisher & wife Vicki, Kelle Bryan-Gudgeon & husband Jay
- TPLS: Jim Moir (a.k.a. Vic Reeves), Charlene Tilton, Martine McCutcheon
- FGN: Jon Heder

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