Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Afternoon News Updates For July 30, 2014

Good afternoon, game show fans! This afternoon's article will briefly highlight some of headlining game show news from the past 24 hours of days including Let's Ask America coming to GSN with a new host, a To Tell The Truth revival in the works and the Irish, big-money game show, The Lie, returning for another series on TV3. 

Big Changes For "Let’s Ask America"
Like Family Game Night has done every year since its second season, the upcoming nationally-syndicated season of Let’s Ask America will undergo some changes including signing on comedian Bill Bellamy as the show's new host, as well as GSN picking up the new episodes to air in 2015. 

Bellamy is taking Kevin Pereira’s place after hosting the show’s first two seasons. Bellamy is looking forward to "working with the great executives at Telepictures and Scripps and taking the show to the next level”, according to what he said in a statement. 

The third season of the growing popular game show, Let’s Ask America, will premiere September 8 in national syndication. Additionally, beginning in January 2015, GSN will be picking up episodes from the new Bellamy season to add to its schedule. No word of the specific time and days the show will air on the cable network, but I am hoping the show will replace a few of the plethora of the Steve Harvey episodes of Family Feud that currently air about 25 times throughout any given week. 

FremantleMedia To Revive “To Tell The Truth”
The production company, formerly known as "Mark Goodson Productions”, is in the process of reviving one of its most popular and revived game shows in its library: To Tell The Truth. FremantleMedia North America is teaming with Jeff Gaspin and George Moll to develop a new version of the well-known celebrity panel game show of interesting backstories and truth-tellers hidden among impostors. 

The franchise began in 1956 in syndication with host Bud Collyer and most recently ended in 2001 in syndication with John O’ Hurley at the helm. Since the beginning, To Tell The Truth has aired a running, combined total of 25 seasons in syndicated and on NBC and CBS networks, has been hosted by 11 different hosts (including sub hosts) including Bill Cullen, Garry Moore, Alex Trebek and Lynn Swann and has featured numerous notable contestants including “Roots” author Alex Haley, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and talk show host Larry King. 

Should a distributor pick up the revived series, I hope it will be more successful than the previous three reboots, each lasting for less than two years.

“The Lie” Renewed For Second Series
TV3’s The Lie has been recommissioned for a second series with host Jonathan McCrea. The show is now accepting applications from potential contestants through August 1. If you are interested in stepping up the the challenge of separating the facts from fiction and potentially winning up to €10,000, complete and submit an online application on Filming for the second series will begin September 2014 in TV3’s Sony HD Studio in Dublin, Ireland.

The weekday show takes a team of two contestants and engages them in a series of rounds in which they must attempt to spot the false statement among a list of true statements. With each passing round, the list grows larger and so does the money at stake. Strategy, knowledge and guts are the keys to victory in this game. Stay tuned!

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