Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Channel 4 Commissions Celebrity Time-Travel Game Show

Wall To Wall, the same U.K.-owned indie company from Warner Bros. Television Productions who created the BBC One social history show, Turn Back Time, has partnered with GroupM Entertainment to produce Time Crashers. The show was green-lit by Channel 4’s head of entertainment and entertainment commissioning editor, Justin Gorman and Madeleine Knight, and is scheduled to begin filming in March 2015. The show will be executive produced by Wall To Wall’s Rachel Watson and GME’s Martin Oxley. 

The format has eight celebrities parachute into various time periods equipped with limited number of modern conveniences at their disposal before taking on a series of challenges. After several days of competition, the celebrity who fares the best will be crowned the “ultimate Time Crasher”. Gorman states Time Crashers is “a highly innovate fusion of entertainment and British history.” Wall To Wall chief executive Leanne Klein added: “It is so exciting to be able to translate our experience of living history into an innovative and engaging entertainment format.” 

Although I love the format and the show's integration of using modern-day items to help the contestants traverse through the different time periods, I can see a format of the show being developed for kids because of its historical and educational elements. Adventure game shows usually have a respectable run on U.K. television like Fort Boyard (1998-2001; 2003), The Crystal Maze (1990-1995) and Treasure Hunt (1982-1989; 2002-2003). On paper, this looks like an interesting series to watch and more than likely will be one to tune into once it debuts. I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on the incoming news concerning Time Crashers. 

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