Sunday, September 7, 2014

Game Shows To Watch For The Week of September 7th

Tomorrow marks a brand new year for Fall television shows, specifically the return of veteran game shows and premiere of rookie game shows in syndication. Since there is so much going on this month, starting today, I will be highlighting the top game shows to watch for each week in September. This week, the top game shows to watch include the third season premiere of Let’s Ask America, Terry Crews’s debut as the new host of Millionaire, and the return of Celebrity Squares to ITV in the U.K.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: September 8; Syndication
After Cedric The Entertainer left the show in his first year last season due to his busy schedule, the show quickly named actor and former NFL player Terry Crews as the new host of Millionaire. Besides the host, the 13th season of the syndicated version brings many changes including a new studio location in Connecticut, set upgrades, a new “+1” lifeline and new audience games. Two of the new “Thousandaire” games include “Fastest Feet” and “Team Millionaire”.  "Fastest Feet” has four audience members holding four different answers and they must put the answers in the correct order based on the question, sort of like a living “Fastest Finger” question, alluding back to the days of the ABC version. “Team Millionaire” partners two audience members to answer a question. Correct answers wins the team $1,000 to split between them. Although I was a bit taken abac by the producer’s decision of choosing Terry Crews as the new host because it sort of came out of nowhere, I believe Crews will bring more excitement and enthusiasm to the game. Check out the preview clips below to get a glimpse of Crews and the "+1” lifeline in action. 

Let’s Ask America: September 8; Syndication
Speaking of season-to-season changes, the third season of Let’s  Ask America premieres tomorrow with new host Bill Bellamy. The comedian takes the helm after Kevin Pereira stepped down after hosting the show for its first two years. The only other change that will be seen the upcoming season is the top prize reduced down to $35,000. For all you viewers who are already fans of the show, expect another great season. The show has been upping its social media game by posting more behind-the-scenes content on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and, from what I’ve seen, Bill Bellamy’s comedic presence will bring in more viewers.  Check your local listings for show times. 

Celebrity Squares: September 10; 8:00pm BST on ITV 
Moving over to the U.K., the second revival of Celebrity Squares is set to kickoff its premiere episode this Wednesday on ITV. Seven episodes have been ordered for the first series of the 2014 reboot and Warrick Davis will be at the helm this time around. The first batch of celebrity panelists include James Corden, Catherine Tyldesley, Jamelia, Tom Rosenthal, Charlotte Hawkins, Mick Miller, Sara Pascoe and recurring panelists Tim Vine and Joe Wilkinson. Davis has some big shoes to fill considering Bob Monkhouse was the host of the mid-90s revival, but I don’t have any doubts that he will do an excellent job as host. In fact, Davis said in an interview that he used the board game version of Celebrity Squares to practice hosting with his family and to help him get familiar with the rules. Stay tuned in three days and see if one of the first contestants of the revived show can take home the £20,000 jackpot. 

Source: TV By The Numbers, What's On TV

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  1. I like Terry better than Cedric. No forced humor from what I saw. Sure, he might be super enthusiastic, but so was Alfonso on Catch 21 and that lasted for 3 seasons and are still going strong in reruns.

    For some reason, I can't post on Game Show Network News anymore, so I have this to say. Starting tonight, Idiotest expands to an hour.