Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stay Tuned: New Episodes of "Idiotest" and "Baggage On The Road" Premiere Tonight on GSN

GSN is set to premiere all new episodes of Idiotest and Baggage's spinoff series, Baggage On The Road, beginning tonight at 8:00pm EST. First, the first season of Idiotest continues with two new episodes at 8:00pm and 8:30pm filled with more competitive teams, more brain teasers and more of host Ben Gleib poking fun at the contestants while knocking them off of their intellectual pedestals. GSN announced late last year that the network renewed the show for a second season with 65 episodes to air. At 9:00pm, Baggage On The Road debuts on the network with two new episodes. The network revived its most successful original dating game show and reformatted it as a traveling game show with Jerry Springer returning as host. The gameplay remains the same with three single contestants trying to win a date and make a love connection with the episode's featured contestant while revealing their most intimate secrets, or "baggage". The series kicks off with episodes filmed from LSU and Austin, TX. Later this season, we will see the shows filmed from Tampa Bay, FL and the University of Connecticut. Stay tuned for both shows this evening and take a look at a couple of promos from both series.

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