Tuesday, February 10, 2015

STAY TUNED: “The CNN Quiz Show” Premieres Presidents Day

On Monday, February 16, CNN will debut its first original game show generically titled The CNN Quiz Show with host Anderson Cooper. The show’s first episode, which will air at 9:00pm EST, centers around U.S. Presidents in honor of the holiday and features guest contestants CNN anchors Jake Tapper & Alisyn Camerota, John Berman & Erin Burnett, and Chris Cuomo & Don Lemon playing for their respective charities. 

UPDATE: Teams will be playing for $40,000 for charity. Tapper & Camerota are competing for Homes for Our Troops, Berman & Burnett are competing for Save The Children, and Cuomo & Lemon are competing for HELP USA.

This is the network’s latest attempt in increasing their overall ratings among basic cable news networks by adding non-news programming to their schedule as CNN is second banana to FOX News by a considerable margin. Should the show gain enough viewership on Monday, more episodes will be produced. Check out the clip below to get a sneak peek of the game and the set as well. (On a quick end note: Seriously? They couldn't have thought of a more creative title?!)

Sources: TV By The Numbers, TVNewser

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