Friday, March 27, 2015

Andrew Skarbek Wins $1 Million Prize On "Million Dollar Minute"

Andrew Skarbek's performance on the Australian game show is a textbook example of how persistence, hard work and patience pays off as he became the first contestant to win Million Dollar Minute's $1 million top prize. After four failed attempts in the million-dollar bonus round, Skarbek finally hit the jackpot on today's episode by winning the "biggest cash prize in Australian TV history": an astounding $1,016,000. During his 23-game run on the Seven Network show, Skarbek defeated 46 contestants, answered 589 questions and amassed $16,000 in Safe Money. Prior to his appearance, Lisa Paton was the only other contestant to make it to the million-dollar level before losing her 13th game in an attempt to go for the million for a third time. Here were the final five questions and answers that won Skarbek the big bucks:

1) Q. Robert Menzies first became prime minister as leader of which party?  A. UAP
2) Q. Which of these singers is the eldest?  A. David Bowie
3) Q. The Burke and Willis expedition left Melbourne in which year?  A. 1860
4) Q. Which of these teams was first to race in a Formula 1 Grand Prix?  A. Tyrrell
5) Q. Which cartoon character's mother-in-law is Pearl Slaghoople?  A. Fred Flintstone

Skarbek, a former business analyst, now semi-retired, famously made headlines last week upon turning down $766,000 in guaranteed winnings without consulting his wife, Jenny. “She had that thousand yard stare,” said Skarbek last week. Skarbek plans for the money include he and his wife buying their first home together, Andrew quitting his job, flying his 78 year-old mother back to Poland for a family reunion and paying off a $50,000 debt for his life-saving medical treatment for cancer. In fact, the same week he was selected to compete on the series, he received news of being clear of cancer.  Host Simon Reeve commented, "His strength -- apart from his prodigious general knowledge -- was his ability to cope with the pressure. It takes enormous courage and Andrew has earned every cent of his million dollar win."

Spectacular moments like Skarbek's six-figure victory is what made game shows like The $64,000 Question and Sale of The Century so popular and enjoyable to watch in their heyday, and even watching them in reruns today. His lengthly appearance on Million Dollar Minute captures the true spirit of game shows; watching everyday people winning a whirlwind of cash and prizes by simply exhibiting their physical and mental prowess and wide range of retaining general knowledge information at a rapid pace.

Australian viewers, check out the full episode of Andrew's amazing win on Yahoo! 7 TV! For everyone else, check out a clip of his big win in the video below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook, Herald Sun, Yahoo! 7 TV 

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