Sunday, September 6, 2015

STAY TUNED: "The CNN Quiz Show: TV Edition" Premieres September 7

This Labor Day Monday at 8:00pm ET on CNN, The CNN Quiz Show returns to the network for another hourlong special featuring three teams of CNN anchors compete against each other in a series of themed trivia rounds. In this episode, hosted by Anderson Cooper, the teams of Chris Cuomo & Alisyn Camerota, Don Lemon & John Berman and Mike Rowe & Brooke Baldwin will be quizzed on TV trivia. Over $40,000 is at stake for the teams’ respective charities including The Huntington's Disease Society of America, JDRF and The mikeroweWORKS Foundation. In two shows, Lemon, Berman and Camerota each have a win under the belt. Could this be the first episode in which we will see a two-game champion? We’ll find out soon enough. Until then, check out the promo in the clip below as well as the previous two episodes in full.

Sources: CNN, YouTube

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