Friday, November 20, 2015

GSN Orders 40 Episodes of “Winsanity”

It looks like GSN is finally getting the ball rolling on one of its newest original game shows, Winsanity, after introducing the format during the network’s 2015 Upfront presentation in March. On Wednesday, GSN announced it has ordered 40 half-hour episodes of Winsanity, which will be hosted by former Scrubs star Donald Faison. The series, produced by Electus in which contestants attempt to rank statistical facts in numerical order, is set to start production early next year.

An example of one of the show’s question would be ,“Which is greater: the population of Wyoming or the population of Alaska?” (Answer below). Each correct answer wins the contestant and a randomly selected group of the studio audience a prize. Answering a question incorrectly loses the contestant and audience group all the prizes they have won to that point. With multiple contestants playing in each show, much like The Price Is Right and Let’s Make A Deal, there will be several chances for participants to win a windfall of prizes. Chris Grant of Electus and Barry Poznick of Barracuda Television Productions will serve as the show’s executive producers.

Sources: Deadline Hollywood, Electus International

(By the way, the correct answer is Alaska with 736,732 residents while Wyoming only has 584,153 residents, according to the July 2014 data from U.S. Census Bureau.)

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