Tuesday, December 8, 2015

FOX Orders Hypnotic Game Show “You’re Back In The Room”

The network announced its acquisition of You’re Back In The Room, based on the U.K. series of the same name currently airing on ITV, late last week and has scheduled for the show’s production to begin in early 2016. On the original U.K. series hosted by The Cube’s Philip Scofield, a team of five contestants face a series of seemingly simple tasks to add money to their team bank. Naturally, the catch is each member of the team will be placed under a hypnotic trance by the show’s resident professional hypnotist, making it more difficult to complete the challenges. The show is executive produced Karen Smith and Tuesday’s Child in association with BBC Worldwide Productions.

During the show’s first series in the U.K., You’re Back In The Room was met with some criticism mainly revolving around the show’s claim of whether or not the contestants were actually hypnotized during the tapings or if they were just playing along to humor viewing audiences. To the criticizing public’s defense, this skepticism is rightly justified considering there’s little to no way of proving these individuals were actually hypnotized other than taking the show’s hypnotist, contestants and host’s word for it to be true. Although I have not written a review for this show (at least for the U.K. series), how genuine the hypnotic trances are to the viewers was my main concern for the show as well. Despite the controversy, it has not stopped ITV from renewing You’re Back In The Room for a second four-episode series to debut in 2016, nor did it discourage other countries including Australia, France and The Netherlands from developing their own versions of the format. It will be very interesting to see what the U.S. does will do with this show later next year.

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