Thursday, January 21, 2016

BUZZR Increases Reach To 60% Of Households

Thanks to the addition of Boston’s WLVI channels 56.2 over the air, 291 on Comcast and 465 on FiOS in November, BUZZR has now cleared in all of the top 10 markets and is now available in 60% of U.S. households with more projected to come throughout the year. Since the dawn of the FremantleMedia North America-owned classic game show subchannel, distributed by Debmar-Mercury, BUZZR has more than doubled its market reach within the six months it has been on the air. "We are excited to have expanded the network so rapidly and are fortunate to have a phenomenal group of broadcast and station partners", said Ron Garfield, BUZZR’s EVP and general manager. Garfield continues by stating, "We have worked together to build BUZZR into a place where a truly multigenerational audience can come together for a fun, entertaining and nostalgic trip through some of the best game shows ever made." Since the network’s debut, game show viewers have been treated to even more episodes of classic game shows within the Goodson-Todman library including unearthed unsold pilots during “Lost & Found” week.

This year, BUZZR is celebrating the 75th anniversary of television game shows ever since Truth or Consequences premiered in 1941 (albeit on a testing basis). To mark the occasion, BUZZR will reveal a series time capsule retrospects featuring iconic hosts, contestants, celebrity panelists, game show highlights and key dates in game show history. In addition to airing “new” episodes of classic shows from its library, BUZZR will be rolling out several promotional programming events including the first “BUZZR Bowl” in honor of the Super Bowl and “BUZZR Brackets” during March Madness.

On Sunday, February 7, the network will be airing its own and first-ever “BUZZR Bowl” on the day of Super Bowl 50 featuring classic gridiron-themed Family Feud episodes including the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders vs. Dallas Cowboys and the AFC quarterbacks vs. the NFC quarterbacks. In March, “BUZZR Brackets” makes it debut as a March Madness-style sweepstakes tournament that lets viewers submit their own brackets, narrowing down who they believe to be the greatest game show host of all time. 

This is only the beginning for BUZZR and there will be more to come from the digital network as it enters into the second half of its first year on television.

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