Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nickelodeon To Develop Movie Based on “Legends of The Hidden Temple”

As a part of Nickelodeon’s plan to expand its programming within the next couple of years, the kids' network will roll out a series of new television shows and movies including All In, a reality docu-series featuring Cam Newton; Crashletes, a clip show filled with crazy viral sports videos; a two-part Hey Arnold! movie and a live-action TV movie based on the classic 90’s game show Legends of The Hidden Temple. The movie’s plot line is similar to the original series where three siblings face a series of obstacles to remain alive in the mystifying, mysterious temple. During their daring journey, they will encounter various elements seen on the original show including Olmec to reveal the secrets behind the temple, The Steps of Knowledge and cameos from a green monkey, red jaguar, silver snakes (and probably temple guards and hopefully Kirk Fogg), to name a few. The movie is scheduled to air late 2016. 

According to Cyma Zarghami, president of Viacom’s cable networks aimed at kids and families, the idea for Nickelodeon to start unearthing and revamping old series stemmed from interns over five years ago since they thought the classic shows would work will online. From there, the executives introduced a block of some of the same shows to air on TeenNick at night, now known as the “The Splat” (formerly "The 90s Are All That"). 

As an ardent fan of Legends, being one of my favorite kids game shows of all time, I can’t wait to see what Nickelodeon will do with this. Hopefully, it won’t be disappointing and regrettable as The Gong Show Movie. Speaking of disappointing, check out one of the worst temple runs in the show's history.

Sources: Nickelodeon, Variety

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