Thursday, March 3, 2016

TBS To Premiere "Separation Anxiety" March 8

In a little less than a week from today, TBS will be premiering a brand new relationship game show called Separation Anxiety. The new series debuts March 8 at 10:00pm ET with hosts comedienne Iliza Shlesinger and comedian Adam Ray. Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk, Charles Wachter, Noah Bennett and Chris Grant will serve as the show's executive producers. Each episode, Separation Anxiety invites a couple to compete on an Internet trivia game show for a $2,500 grand prize. The catch is only one partner will actually play the game while the other is brought onto the main stage where he/she is surprised with the news that they are in reality playing for a massive $250,000 prize, unbeknownst to the other partner.

Throughout the game, the onstage partner will select his/her partner's categories without their knowledge and is not allowed to help them at anytime unless their partner requests their help via "lifeline" in the Internet game. If at any time the partner answering the questions stops the game or answers incorrectly, the game ends either with the team winning the value attached to previous question or nothing at all. I'll provide the rest of the rules in my review the week of the premiere.

Separation Anxiety is a unique blend of trivia, The Newlywed Game,  a comedic hidden camera show with a sprig of You Deserve It. It's going to be very interesting watching all of the relationship dynamics at play throughout the season and not only see the range of emotions the onstage contestant will endure in their nigh-powerless state as they watch the game unfold, but also to see how well they truly know their partner's strengths and weaknesses. Mark your calendars for Tuesday's series premiere of Separation Anxiety.

Source: TBS

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