Monday, April 4, 2016

News In A Flash!: Quick Game Show Updates #87

Today's article will be taking a glance at some the latest game show updates from the past week in 200 characters or less. This week's news highlights include a couple more television markets broadcasting BUZZR on its affiliate stations, BBC's Mastermind crowning a new series champion on Friday's show, Legends of The Hidden Temple briefing returning to a Pennsylvanian museum and the star-studded roster of contestants to compete on "Power Players Week" on Jeopardy!.

There is still time to enter The Price Is Right's April Fools "Spot The Difference" contest. Watch the special episode on and email your list to before April 7.

Gene Rayburn was the winner of the first-ever BUZZR Brackets tournament.

BUZZR is now available over-the-air in Denver, CO on KCDO channel 3.3 and Johnstown, PA on WJAC channel 29.3

Alan Heath was crowned the series 44 Mastermind champion after defeating Jim McGuinness in a five-question tie breaker. Heath’s specialty subject was the British sci-fi series Thunderbirds.

ITV’s newest game show Drive premieres Tuesday, April 5 at 9:00pm. Hosted by Vernon Kay, each episode has eight celebrities compete against each other in motorsport challenges.

This Tuesday at 10:00pm on Billion Dollar Buyer, Tilman Fertitta travels to New York to visit The Jam Stand and Marcellino Bag Company in an attempt to give both businesses a deal of a lifetime.

On April 20 from 6:00pm-8:00pm, the Penn Museum in Philadelphia, PA will transform into the iconic temple from Legends of The Hidden Temple. Tickets are $20 and are only for people 18 and older.

Sen. Al Franken, Chuck Todd, Michael Steele, Anderson Cooper, Melissa Harris-Perry and Louis C.K. are among the contenders to compete on Jeopardy’s “Power Players Week” this month.

Comedian and entertainer Ronnie Corbett died on Thursday, March 31 at the age of 85. In the game show world, Corbett was the host of BBC One game show Small Talk from 1994-1996.

U.K.-based Sky Vision has acquired the global right to develop the competition series BattleBots. Sky will be shopping the first six-episode and second 11-episode season later this year.

CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person has been renewed for a third season. The show returns this fall.

Media consultant Casimir Spencer is shopping a Christian dating reality show concept to television networks. Spencer worked on the first season of GSN’s It Takes A Church.

Science Channel, Discovery Channel’s sister network, is planning to launch a competitive reality show called Search For The Next MythBusters in an effort to find new hosts for the MythBusters revival.

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