Thursday, May 26, 2016

Two-For-One: First Tiebreaker in 10 Years & $100,000 Win on "Wheel of Fortune"

Yesterday was quite busy in the world of syndicated game shows with Steve Harvey celebrating his 1,000th episode on Family Feud by giving both competing families once-in-a-lifetime chance to win $50,000 in Fast Money (and the Blacksheres winning the temporarily-increased grand prize) and current Jeopardy! champion Buzzy Cohen bumping his now 8-day total up to $147,803. But both of those highlights paled in comparison to the uncanny occurrence of these two incredibly rare moments that happened on the same episode of Wheel of Fortune – a tie between two players at the end of the front game and a $100,000 bonus round win.

After Danielle Gilset picked up an incredible $24,000 in the speed-up round to tie LaToya Williams, the two contestants played a special tie-breaking Toss-Up puzzle for an additional $1,000 and the game. The last time a tie occurred on Wheel was March 2, 2006. LaToya winning the tiebreaker led to the second highlight of the night. By solving the bonus round puzzle "POUR YOUR HEART OUT" correctly, she won another $100,000 and left the show with a staggering grand total of $125,000. Check out and relive the excitement and suspense of both amazing moments in the video below, especially the first since it seems that it won't happen again for at least another decade.

Source: YouTube 

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