Monday, August 29, 2016

VIDEO REPLAY: “Millionaire Hot Seat” Crowns First Million-Dollar Winner

Eight seasons and over 1,300 episodes later since the Australian game show premiered on Nine Network, Millionaire Hot Seat has finally found its million-dollar winner. Edwin Daly, a 67-year-old Vietnam war veteran from Mount Barker, South Australia, became the show’s first contestant to win the elusive $1 million prize on today’s episode. Once Daly had taken control of the Hot Seat on the $2,500 question upon a Pass, Daly streaked through the nine remaining questions and won the seven-figure jackpot. Daly is now the show’s biggest winner, placing Gerard Lane (won $541,000 on March 16, 2015) in the second position among the all-time winners’ list of Millionaire Hot Seat.

Check out Edwin Daly’s exciting million-dollar moment in the video below.

Sources: Junkee, YouTube

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