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STAY TUNED Fall Edition: New Seasons Of Daytime & Syndicated Game Shows Begin September 12

As we are only less than a month away from summer officially coming to an end, today’s article will focus on the veteran game shows that will be returning to television networks in September with new episodes. Next week, I’ll be reviewing the highs and lows of a few game shows that have aired this summer in the US and UK. For now, let’s take a look at what’s in store this year for shows including Family Feud, Celebrity Name Game and Wheel of Fortune.

UPDATE: The Price Is Right will unveil a new pricing game during the show's premiere week and Let's Make A Deal debuts its eighth season on CBS Daytime on September 19 with "Mega Deal Week"

Family Feud - Season 18 Premieres September 12 (Syndication)
Although there won’t be any major changes made this season, the new year will be a milestone as the game celebrates its  40th anniversary on television. Since Family Feud premiered in 1976, audiences from across the nation and around the world have enjoyed playing along at home with the survey questions, watching various hosts crack up and occasionally poke fun at some of the contestant’s left-field answers to sometimes risqué questions and watching families win thousands of dollars in cash playing Fast Money. Although the show has hit a few rough spots throughout the decades, Family Feud has withstood the test of time to become one of the most popular game show formats ever devised. The relatively recent resurgence of Feud can be attributed to Steve Harvey taking over the show in 2009. Since then, Harvey’s comedic presence has created unforgettable viral moments, inspired other countries like Australia and New Zealand to develop versions of their own and made the show a force to be reckoned with among the overall syndicated ratings. This past season, Feud has consistently placed first among syndicated game shows, including overtaking ratings juggernaut Wheel of Fortune for the first time in decades, and ranked among the top three syndicated shows overall in household ratings. Much like the past few seasons, the 18th season of Feud is guaranteed to bring more laughs, more crazy answers and even more fun and excitement. Check out a sample of what’s to come in the clip below.

Feud is still looking for families to compete this season. Go to for more information. Upcoming road auditions will be held in Baltimore, MD on September 10-11 and Minneapolis, MN on September 24-25.

Wheel of Fortune - Season 34 Premieres September 12 (Syndication)
Wheel rolls into its 34th season in syndication with a few new features including a new bonus round cash prize and a new category. First, as the show has been doing since its 30th season, the minimum bonus round cash prize will be inflated to $34,000. Second, the Crossword category will now be a regularly featured category. The new round, which was piloted last season for the week of June 6, will display a series of three or four interlocking words followed by category describing what all of the words have in common. Viewers were allowed to opine on whether or not the round should be added next season and (if so) how frequently the round should appear during the week on the show’s website. Check out the official debut of the Crossword round in the clip below.

Jeopardy! - Season 33 Premieres September 12 (Syndication)
The new season of Jeopardy! will be more of the same. The major highlight this season will be the annual Tournament of Champions, featuring 15 of the best champions to compete on the show from the back half of season 32 and the first half of this season leading up to the $250,000 tourney.   Potential contenders include nine-time champion Buzzy Cohen, College Championship winner Sam Deutsch, and Teachers Tournament champion Jason Sterlacci. You can keep tabs on who will qualify to compete in this season’s two-week championship event by checking out the Tournament of Champions Tracker on the show’s website and on Matt Carberry's Jeopardy! page.

Additionally, make sure you mark your calendars for the following dates:
September 7: Sports Jeopardy! Online Test
September 12: Jeopardy! Test Registration Open
September 28: College Online Test

Millionaire - Season 15 Premieres September 12 (Syndication)
The popular multiple-choice game show kicks off its new season next week from the show's new location at Bally's Las Vegas. Chris Harrison returns to host Millionaire in hopes of watching a lucky contestant walk away with the million-dollar grand prize. Special theme weeks will be aired throughout the season including Teacher Appreciation Week, Pay It Forward Week, Getaway Week, Newlywed Week and Armed Forces Week. Although the show is in its 15th year in syndication, Millionaire has been struggling in household ratings since Meredith Vieira's departure in 2013 – steadily dropping from around a 2.0 down to a measly 1.1. Will this season garner enough interest to stick around for a few more years or will this be the last season of Millionaire in the US? We'll find out at the season's end. Stay tuned for the new season this Monday!

Celebrity Name Game - Season 3 Premieres September 19 (Syndication)
Celebrity Name Game will be heading into its third season later this month with Craig Ferguson, the first host to win two consecutive Daytime Emmys for “Outstanding Game Show Host” in its first two seasons, returning to the helm. In its second season, Celebrity Name Game has managed to tie Millionaire in the household rating and top the Chris Harrison-hosted series in the key Women 25-54 daytime demo ratings. The show has also been bumped up to a better time slot on WPIX, Tribune Media’s flagship station in New York, from 4:00pm to 6:30pm. This season’s celebrity guest stars include Lance Bass, Rachel Bloom, Julie Chen, Kit Hoover, AJ McLean, Ricki Lake, Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Daphne Oz and Weird Al Yankovic. Take a look at a sneak peek clip from the upcoming season in the video below.

The Price Is Right - Season 45 Premieres September 19 (CBS)
The Price Is Right ready to launch its 45th season in two weeks. The 44th season of the longtime daytime game show wraps up today with its "Young & The Restless 11,000th Episode Special". Like Millionaire, fans and contestants will be treated to special episodes and theme weeks periodically throughout the year including Big Money Week, a Holiday Kids Special, Celebrity Charity Week, Socially Awesome Week and Dream Car Week. Keep track of the show's air dates and tape dates by checking out the calendar on the TPIR website. I hope this year's premiere week will be as exciting and fun as last year's (as shown in the 70's episode below).

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