Monday, July 9, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: "Fear Factor" and "Blockbusters" Revivals Return To Primetime TV

The NBC reality series Fear Factor and the new hit U.K. game show Blockbusters return with new episodes for the summer. Fear Factor continues their season with a new episode premiering tonight at 8:00pm EST on NBC and Blockbusters already resumed their season by airing a new episode earlier today in the U.K. on Challenge TV. 

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When Joe Rogan and Fear Factor returned to NBC with promises of more extreme, explosive, and gut-wrenching stunts, it seemed like the once-popular reality series immediately picked up where they left off in 2006. The outrageous stunts created for the show's return not only left host Joe Rogan in shock, but also led to NBC pulling a controversial episode back in January, which featured the contestants eating donkey semen. Surprisingly, the revival only lasted for six episodes due to tepid ratings before it was removed from NBC's schedule in February. Tonight, Fear Factor returns with the first part of a two-episode special which features contestants climbing a fiery five-story building, dangling from a bungee line attached to a helicopter, and swimming with leeches for a $100,000 grand prize. The two-part series will be the only episodes to air so far this summer in order to finish off the season. Could this be the end of Fear Factor as we know it? Perhaps so. Check out Fear Factor tonight at 8:00pm EST on NBC! 

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Challenge TV's Blockbusters revival resumed their 40-episode season tonight in U.K. with celebrities competing against each other for charity on the famed Blockbusters board. As I have stated in my review of the revived series, Challenge TV has done an excellent job of recreating the hit U.K. series, staying true to the show's original format and making the proper changes and upgrades where necessary. The show aired 20 episodes before going on a month-long hiatus. You can check out any of the first 20 episodes of Blockbusters on YouTube. Unlike Fear Factor, I hope we will see more Simon Mayo, more Gold Runs, and more exciting, competitive gameplay on the all new Blockbusters in the future. For U.K. viewers, check out Blockbusters weeknights at 8:00pm on Challenge TV!

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